Studio RJM is the design and artistic practice of Rachel Jayne Mackay. Based in Sydney, Rachel works across production design, art direction, styling, installation and visual art.


Rachel works with both visual and experiential storytelling. Employing a hands-on and experimental approach, her work merges digital, analogue and spatial design techniques to produce multi-dimensional design narratives​ within film, photography, design, architecture and the arts.


After graduating from UTS with a Bachelor of Design in Visual Communication in 2010, Rachel moved to Copenhagen where she lived from 2011 - 2017. Here she worked for Danish design and architecture studio Johannes Torpe Studios on a number of commercial architectural projects, including an installation series for Nike in Beijing, and an award winning bicycle retail lab in Denmark.


Rachel recently moved back to Sydney where she is integrating her international experience with multi-dimensional storytelling into her work within film, design and the arts. She is also co-founder of Sydney-based art and architecture collective Studio Rain.


Rachel Jayne Mackay

(+61) 0478 430 322


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